Automatic installations

Our products allow the installation of an automated system, from the simplest to the most complex, in many fields of application.

Home cinema

You like the movies ? The IPX800 V5 can control everything! Put away all the remote controls and opt for an extremely simple start-up of your home cinema. A single click will trigger the switching on of the video projector, unroll the screen, switch on the 5.1 amplifier etc ... You just have to choose a good movie.

Automatic barrier and counting

Control access to a car park or to your business. Count the number of passing pedestrians and / or vehicles.

Distributors and Automatic Stations

Imagine your laundry with an automatic opening of the doors, automatically turning on the sign, the automatic commissioning of the washing machines. Troubleshooting with the remote cycle launch via your smartphone. All this is possible with the IPX800. We already equip many sites in France.

Connected Agriculture

The IPX800 V5 has the ability to control the watering of your fields based on the weather, soil moisture level or schedule. This very low consumption allows to make it autonomous with a simple solar panel. Smart access to connected agriculture at a lower cost.

Astronomical observatories

Amateur or professional of astronomy, the IPX800 is compatible with the ASCOM driver and can be easily integrated into an observatory. Observatories in Chile or in the Paris region are already equipped.

Automation of recreational activities

The IPX800 can be used as part of an automation of recreational activities for escape game companies, model making, the creation of animated windows, Christmas windows etc.