The Web Server IPX800 V5

The IPX800V5 has the reliability of a programmable controller associated with home automation box functions. It is completely autonomous and operates without external servers. The IPX800 V5 natively integrates many protocols used in industry and home automation. It has an open system and customization possibilities allowing it to be flexible and integrable in all types of installations.


The IPX800 V5 is a wired home automation solution that guarantees reliability and responsiveness in interactions with your installation.


Updates are regular and free. They bring new features to increase the power of the IPX800 V5.


The IPX800 V5 has a fully open Full Rest API, which makes it easy to integrate all third-party software and connected objects with IP connectivity.


Programming the IPX800 V5 does not require learning a computer language. It is done by simply dragging and dropping graphics blocks.

Continuity of service

The important functions of the installation such as lighting and roller shutter controls are independent. Your installation continues to function no matter what.


The IPX800 V5 has a very high level of security. It integrates HTTPS, TLS 1.3 and DTLS with the automatic generation of HTTPS certificates certified by a competent authority.

Personalized dashboard

You can create many interactive dashboards and customize your user interface very easily.

Augmented reality

The 'Liveview' view allows you to use different controllers and display them on an image or on a video.

Control the lighting

Opt for warm atmospheres in the evening and softer lighting at night. The X-DIMMER extension allows you to control the light intensity of all types of lamps.

Create beautiful mood lights

With the help of X-PWM extensions, you can drive low-voltage LED strips, modify their colors and light intensities to create atmospheres according to your desires and the time of day.

Centralize roller shutters

You can automate and centralize the roller shutters and adjustable sun shades in your home thanks to the X-4VR extension. The setting is easy and is done by automatic learning. The stroke of the leaves can then be positioned from 0 to 100%.

Optimize heating

Control the heating of your home intelligently and save money by using the X-4FP extension associated with an X-Display. Our system allows you to create one or more zones and to program 6 heating modes: Economic, Frost protection, shutdown and three comfort modes. Heating management can be automatic or combined depending on events such as weather, time of day, empty accommodation, etc.

Manage your Pool

Automate your outdoor systems using the IPX800, whether for automatic watering of your garden or for managing your swimming pool.